Our Vision

Our vision is to be provide global data anytime, anywhere on demand. We aim to expand our horizons beyond the roaming industry. We want to provide data connectivity in all countries, in air and on sea because we know that data is important to stay connected with your loved ones.

Forward Strategy

In Flexiroam, we aim to move forward through continuous Research & Development and stay ahead of techonology curve. Moving forward, Flexiroam is an e-SIM compatible platform where users can access Flexiroam network right out of the box on any embedded device.

Our Journey

Flexiroam Journey - Flexiroam officially launched in Malaysia

Flexiroam officially launched in Malaysia

Mar 2011
Flexiroam Journey - Listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:FRX)

Listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:FRX)

Jun 2015
Flexiroam Journey - Mobile Voice Application Launch

Mobile Voice Application Launch

Nov 2015
Flexiroam Journey - Patent on Flexiroam X Filed

Patent on Flexiroam X Filed

April 2016
Flexiroam Journey - Flexiroam X Data Roaming App Launch

Flexiroam X Data Roaming App Launch

Jun 2016
Flexiroam Journey - Data Roaming Coverage in 100+ countries

Data Roaming Coverage in 100+ countries

Aug 2016
Flexiroam Journey - Updated and Improved Flexiroam X Launch

Updated and Improved Flexiroam X Launch

Mar 2017


Flexiroam Awards - World Travel Awards Winner 2015 Flexiroam Awards - ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2013 Flexiroam Awards - ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2013 - 2014 Flexiroam Awards - <DEMO>Guru 2012</DEMO>


Flexiroam Affiliates - TripAdvisor Flexiroam Affiliates - AirAsia Flexiroam Affiliates - Pacific Asia Travel Association PATA Flexiroam Affiliates - Grab Flexiroam Affiliates - United Overseas Bank UOB Flexiroam Affiliates - Netccentric Flexiroam Affiliates - Union Pay Flexiroam Affiliates - SIASU Flexiroam Affiliates - National Association of Travel Agents Singapore NATAS Flexiroam Affiliates - Malaysia Airlines MAS

Flexiroam X

Get connected in 100+ countries

with one microchip attached to your SIM

Flexiroam X Microchip

Flexiroam X Microchip
Ultra Thin 0.08mm Microchip
Ultra thin microchip 0.08mm. Compatible with Regular, Micro & Nano SIM
Turn your SIM into dual SIM
Apply once and turn your SIM into dual SIM
No more hassle at buying & changing SIMs every time you travel
No more hassle at buying & changing SIMs every time you travel
Convenient, secure and easy to apply
Convenient, secure and easy to apply.

Security Features

International Security Certification
International Security Certification

FIPS 140-2 Level 3,
PBOC 2.0/3.0.

Confidential and Privacy
Confidential and Privacy

2 level encryption for OTA transmission.


Unique encryption key for every embedded microchip.


Support X.509 personal certification - 16 PINS & KEYS protection.

Flexiroam X App

Search, navigate and plan your itinerary

You don't have to change your SIM or subscribe to any local telco when you are travelling! it's easy and convenient.

Flexiroam X App
Manage Utilization and Data Balance via the app

Manage Utilization & Data Balance.

Purchase Microchip & Data via the app

Purchase Microchip & Data.

Make outgoing calls globally via the app

Make outgoing calls globally to any mobile

Flexiroam X Benefits

Flexiroam X Benefits - Great Value
Greater Value

Flat rate data charges for all 100 countries. Data package validity of up to 1 year.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Reliable

Immediate access to data over 100 countries without the need to change SIM cards.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Fast

Easy to apply and provides uncapped 4G speeds where available.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Convenient

No need to change SIM card and easily purchase extra data via the app whilst travelling.

Industry Insights


(2019 forecast)

Market Size:

1.4B outbound travels

Mobile Roaming Revenue:

USD $89B

Data Roaming Revenue:

USD $50B

Mobile data is not just a commodity, but is becoming the lifeblood of our daily lives, society and economy, with more and more connected people and things

Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer in GSMA.

Billion Revenue

from the cellular data industry by 2020


from 2016 to 2020 for mobile data traffic industry by 2020


Unique mobile service subscribers by 2020


Global unique mobile subscriber penetration rate by 2020

By offering data on demand, Flexiroam has the potentials to expand its target customers beyond the travel segment. By providing borderless data, Flexiroam has access to both the roaming and data connectivity revenues.

Board of Directors

Flexiroam Director -  Jef Ong

Jef Ong

Managing Director

Jef Ong founded FLEXIROAM in 2011 and is the Managing Director of the international roaming service provider.

Flexiroam Director -  Dato' Larry Gan Nyap Liow

Dato' Larry Gan Nyap Liow

Non-Executive Director

Dato Larry is a strategic investor in ecommerce and digital enterprises. He is a strong advocate for disruptive business models and operates an extensive network of old and new school entrepreneurs, incubators, consulting professionals and investment funds.

Flexiroam Director -  Paul Khong

Paul Khong

Non-Executive Director

Paul Khong has over twenty years’ experience in the corporate financial and education sector. His experience and success as an entrepreneur has given him a solid foundation in business management and online digital marketing.

Flexiroam Director -  Wai Hong Fong

Wai Hong Fong

Non-Executive Director

Wai Hong is a serial tech entrepreneur and was named Australia’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2011 by StartupSmart and amongst Melbourne’s top 100 most influential people by the Age Australia.

Flexiroam Director -  Cheryl Yeoh

Cheryl Yeoh

Non-Executive Director

Cheryl Yeoh is an industry recognised name in digital entrepreneur. She was the founding CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre (MaGIC) where she launched MaGIC Accelerator Program (MAP) and accelerated 75 early-stage companies from all over ASEAN.