“As a Global Mobile Virtual Network Provider, Flexiroam is positioned to be a leader in providing borderless data connectivity. We aim to provide the best data experience worldwide at anytime, anywhere on any device. At Flexiroam, we build upon our strengths to stay ahead of competition through developing innovative products and solutions."


Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X is a thin microchip that is attached on top of an existing SIM card and enables data roaming in over 120 countries.

Flexiroam X Benefits

Flexiroam X Benefits - Great Value
Greater Value

Affordable prices in over 120 countries. Data package validity of up to 1 year.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Reliable

Immediate access to data over 120 countries without the need to change SIM cards.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Fast

Easy to apply and provides uncapped 4G speeds where available.

Flexiroam X Benefits - Convenient

No need to buy and change SIM cards each trip. Easily top up data via the app whilst travelling.

Four Reasons
to Invest in Flexiroam



By offering global data roaming, Flexiroam is a rapidly growing industry pegged at a US$31 billion by 2022 with an estimated annual growth rate of about 10%. The success in this industry has given Flexiroam the opportunity to grow in terms of users, repeat customers and global reach.



Our asset-light business model provides the flexibility to expand business capacity and geographical reach, enabling us to achieve our objective with minimum expenditure. We offer our clients access to more than 580 network providers in over 20 countries.



With the goal to provide the best data coverage globally, we offer our clients access to over 580 network providers in more than 120 countries.



Flexiroam stays ahead of the competition through continuous research and development to offer market disrupting products and solutions such as e-SIM and a data exchange platform utilising blockchain technology. These innovations will improve efficiency and enhance user’s experience.

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