Flexiroam Hits Milestone Of 150 Distribution Partnerships Worldwide

13 November, 2017

Flexiroam Limited (ASX:FRX) is pleased to inform our stakeholders that we have achieved a significant milestone, having 150 distribution partners globally. These partners and sub-partners originate from 37 countries, who are distributing Flexiroam's flagship data roaming product, Flexiroam X. 

Flexiroam X’s reach now extends across six continents, namely Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Africa, South America. These partnerships significantly increase Flexiroam’s global visibility and availability in retail stores worldwide, including 29 airport retail stores. Flexiroam currently has one of the world's widest subscriber base of any telecommunication company, with customers in over 80 countries and territories.

Asia represents Flexiroam's largest market, as more than half of its distributors are from Southeast Asia and Australia. In the recent months however, the number of distributors has increased mostly in Western Asia (United Arab Emirates), Europe (France, Germany), and South America (Brazil). So far, Flexiroam has over 99,500 confirmed orders of Flexiroam X packs from it’s partners. This expansion showcases Flexiroam’s efforts to extend its reach into new markets, potentially growing the amount of active users and subscribers significantly in the coming months. 

Flexiroam's partners are largely made up of top travel industry players, major telecommunications distributors and airport retail outlets. These partners bulk purchase Flexiroam X and distribute it to their customer base in their respective countries. Through the continued growth of its existing footprints in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Flexiroam is building upon its strength to become the globally preferred choice in affordable and convenient data roaming.