Flexiroam's 2017 Highlights

20 December, 2017

Throughout 2017, Flexiroam has been actively carrying out its strategy to create an international network of local wholesale distributors to increase corporate sales. This strategy has succeeded in increasing the geographical spread of Flexiroam to 150 distribution partnerships in 37 countries. Flexiroam also experienced a rapid global expansion of subscriber base across 180 countries which assisted Flexiroam in becoming a household name in the international data roaming industry. 

These partnerships increase Flexiroam’s physical exposure and accessibility, with 29 airport stores worldwide promoting Flexiroam’s services. Partnerships with retailers such as Bluwire and Exactta allow Flexiroam to build a physical presence efficiently without incurring extra costs such as rental of the stores.

Flexiroam was able to establish a strong foothold in other countries through partnering with local tour and travel groups such as Triip of Vietnam and Chan Brothers of Singapore. Flexiroam benefited from a headstart in the local communities by tapping into these partners’ existing user base.

Flexiroam has also increased its exposure to frequent travellers, through partnerships with airlines and staff unions. Flexiroam continues building its reputation amongst travellers by forging partnerships with leading global airlines like KLM and Korean Air. 

Apart from increasing geographic reach, Flexiroam also focused on developing Flexiroam X with innovations and updates. Flexiroam continues its effort to expand its coverage by adding 20 new countries to its coverage, increasing its total coverage to 131 countries. For the full coverage list, please click here

Flexiroam’s official mobile application, Flexiroam X, has also evolved throughout the year with updates and improvements to provide the best user experience. The Flexiroam X app is available in 4 different languages, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Portuguese, making it user friendly for its diversified international user base. 

In June, Flexiroam introduced country specific data plans which are more affordable for as low as $1 per day to increase target market of customers. To date, Flexiroam has 16 local data plans for popular travel destinations and a European plan which covers 31 countries in the continent.The local plans differs from the existing Global data plans because it must be purchased for the specific travel period and the data can only be used in the specific location.  The local data plans are popular amongst traveller visiting United States and Singapore.

In essence, 2017 was an exciting year for Flexiroam. With the many advancements and improvements that have been made over the last 12 months, Flexiroam is quickly gaining traction in the telecommunication industry. Flexiroam aims to continue its efforts in 2018 to reach even greater heights and to fulfill its true potential to be the household name in mobile data roaming.